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International Baccalaureate Program


Evento gratis para la comunidad Banda TLAYACAPAN
Date: 8/31/2017, 9 AM 11 AM
Location: 4736 Huntington Dr. S. Los Angeles CA 90032

News & Announcements

Ayotzinapa & the American Empire: From Neoliberalism to Neofascism

After two years of creating one of the most powerful social movements of recent times in Mexico, representatives of the Ayotzinapa community are touring the United States. Felipe de la Cruz Sandoval and Mario Cesar Gonzalez Contreras, two key members of the Ayotzinapa movement arrive in Texas in mid October for a U.S. college tour for the Fall semester. The reason for focusing on higher education institutions is to appeal to students who will influence future public and economic policy as well as faculty and scholars who are part of research pools and think tanks for legislative bodies.

Anahuacalmecac Students Demonstrate Growth Despite State Setbacks

Student academic growth as measured by the Common Core aligned CAASP Test offers a very limited snapshot of student performance at AIUP. State imposed setbacks as well as the shortcomings of standards-based exams continue to reflect systemic bias. CCSA's school ranking again prioritizes schooling to the test over innovation and community-based solutions for Indigenous Peoples.


October 14, 2016 - As of approximately 10:00am yesterday, LAPD had arrested the man suspected of burglarizing our kinder campus twice in search of children he claimed were his own. Yesterday at approximately 5:00am Anahuacalmecac’s kindergarten campus located at 4990 Huntington Drive, LA, CA 90032 was burglarized making this the third attempt by the same suspect as identified by surveillance cameras and witnesses. LAPD Hollenbeck Division Sergeant Moore has advised school officials that the LAPD Mental Evaluations Unit has approved advanced directives to detain and arrest the individual reported to have burglarized the Anahuacalmecac school campus and stalked school students and personnel. School officials have been advised to report the suspect to LAPD if he approaches the school, students or staff again. Anahuacalmecac has contracted additional security to supervise the campus as well as pursued a court order prohibiting this individual from coming within 2000 feet of our campuses or personnel. In an effort to inform the community of the issue, school personnel invited Channel 4 News and Channel 52 News to cover the incidents and concerns.

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