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A Film by The IB Global Centre of Hague, Netherlands

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A special film highlighting Semillas Community Schools produced by the IB's Global Centre in the Hague, Switzerland, has been released for use in teacher professional development throughout the world. An IB commissioned film crew spent a day filming our schools in December, 2011, to document and produce a short video that highlighted our international curriculum, indigenous education and multilingual programs. The IB Global Centre in The Hague, Netherlands, contacted Marcos Aguilar requesting collaboration from Semillas on this important project. The IB Global Centre supports multilingualism and intercultural understanding across all programmes in the IB Continuum. Semillas was chosen as the only Los Angeles area IB World School to be featured in a professionally-produced short film that introduces the IB's soon-to-be-published statement on education in global contexts. The film crew focused on three classrooms depicting our educational continuum in PYP and MYP. Multilingual education and indigenous education in the global context were the focus of all of the filming and interviews.​  Many thanks to our staff, students and all our parents who supported this valuable project. Thanks also to Rocco Shields of Wingspan Pictures for such an outstanding job of capturing the Semillas spirit on film. The film will be available for viewing for a limited time only for our network of supporters.
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