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Tlayecantzi Marcos Aguilar » SOBRESISTENCIA - An IndigeNations Social Impact Game

SOBRESISTENCIA - An IndigeNations Social Impact Game

An IndigeNations Survivance Social Impact Game
Building upon the work of, students in Anahuacalmecac's 10th grade English class are designing a social impact game designed to serve Indigenous youth and communities.


How do connections become enriched through social constructions of reality in ritual and play as expressed through theme & point of view?



Indigenous youth face the highest rates of suicide among youth in North America. You are a game designer collective recruited by an indigenous community to design a social impact game for youth that explores indigenous presence and create works of poetry as a pathway to healing. Your goal is to get youth to find ways to tell their stories (your stories) by promoting each other’s healing.


This reality is a result of over 500 years of colonization. Historical and intergenerational trauma is at the root of hopelessness and healing is the answer to trauma.

How can a game build a sense of belonging and cultivate pathways to generosity among Indigenous youth?

How can we tap into skills of urgent optimism, social fabric, blissful productivity, and epic meaning


The IndigeNations SobResistencia/Survivance Game will involve poetry, strategies to understand poetry, methods to create poetry and opportunities to experience poetry.


Poetic Puzzles will guide how users advance from quest to quest as players read, analyze, experience and create poetic acts of survivance/sobresistencia.

SobResistencia - A game only at Anahuacalmecac
Survivance is an online social impact game designed to promote ways of healing among and by Indigenous Peoples.
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A quest is a step in your journey, such as learning about your history. There are quests for every phase of the journey: OrphanWandererCaretakerWarrior, and Changer. Elders guide us.