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Anahuacalmecac Student Council - Organizational Methods

Anauamaxtikemej Ueye Tlajtokan - Student Council at Anahuacalmecac is a mechanism for student leadership at our school to envision, question and organize student voice. Student organizing is both the practice and purpose of our Council. Students learn about and through traditional indigenous forms of decision-making, organizing, and governance including a study of the Haudenosaunee Great Law and collectivist forms of governance indigenous to Mexico. Community elders are invited to guide the practice and protocols of the Student Council and meet with students regularly throughout the year. Members of Student Council participate in various school-based and community-based governance bodies including the School Site Council.
Student Council this year will be guided by five methods of organizing.
1. Union
2. Agency
3. Service
4. Collectivity
5. Reciprocity