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AIUP's International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program

What is the IB Middle Years?

The MYP aims to develop active learners and internationally minded young people who can empathize with others and pursue lives of purpose and meaning.


The programme empowers students to inquire into a wide range of issues and ideas of significance locally, nationally and globally. The result is young people who are creative, critical and reflective thinkers. 

Why offer the MYP?

Research shows that students participating in the MYP:


The MYP was revised in September 2014 to provide a more rigorous and highly flexible framework that powerfully integrates with local educational requirements.  New industry-leading onscreen examinations and ePortfolios offer exciting opportunities for reliable, robust digital assessment of student achievement. 


Community and Service

Service to the community is an integral component of the IB MYP program. Students are encouraged to achieve their best, both academically and as members of the global community. Service to the community helps to develop responsibility and pride, as well as a sense of individual competence.


Service to the community takes many forms. A student club can provide many opportunities for service, both on and off campus. Students may also earn service time through cultural organizations and other non-profit organizations. However, the following guidelines must be followed.





  1. All service MUST BE PRE-APPROVED using the designated proposal form.
  2. No compensation may be received for services.
  3. All service must be for recognized non-profit organizations or non-governmental community-based organizations.
  4. All service must benefit the general public.
  5. A minimum of 20 hours must be earned each year.
  6. Credit for no more than 5 on-campus service hours will be given. These hours must be for a structured and supervised event.
  7. Logs of service completed must be maintained by the student and turned in for periodic checks.


CAS Prog Description

IB CAS Application