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  1. Is there a cost for my child to attend Semillas Community Schools?
    Semillas does not charge tuition. Semillas is a free public charter school. There is no fee or cost to register and enroll your child.

  2. Does Semillas Community Schools have a meal program?
    The state of California provides free or reduced priced meals for children depending on family income. Applications and information about eligibility are available in the main office.

  3. Does my child have to be Native American to attend Semillas?
    No, Semillas values diversity and equality for all of our students, and we will not discriminate against any student on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender, orientation or ability.

  4. Does Semillas offer Special Education Services?
    Yes, children learn in a variety of ways, with most students learning effectively in a traditional school setting. However, sometimes children with disabilities need services beyond accommodations and modifications to the general education program. Children with disabilities may be eligible to receive special education services as determined by an Individual Education Program (IEP) team, which includes the student’s parent. Special education services are designed to meet the unique educational potential of students with disabilities and are provided at no cost to parents.