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International Baccalaureate Program
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Public Information

National School Lunch Program 2016-2017
Local Control and Accountability Plan for Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory
School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
Measurable Student Outcomes
At Anahuacalmecac, every student will strive toward mastery of essential academic and life skills necessary to succeed in attaining a university education of international standards. These essential skills will be measured through teacher-developed tests, school-wide interim assessments, IB PYP/MYP and Anahuacalmecac College-ready Diploma (ACD) program assessments, and statewide assessments, currently the state-approved assessment system, California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. All students will work towards mastery of state standards and the criteria set forth in the No Child Left Behind Act (or subsequent federal educational legislation). Anahuacalmecac aims to support all students achieve grade level proficiency in core subjects and enrichment opportunities in order to achieve college-ready graduation for all. Toward this end Anahuacalmecac is committed to sustaining growth in student achievement based upon baseline assessments and personal proximal levels of development for each student.
It is Anahuacalmecac’s goal that 100% of graduates will have completed the full battery of A-G requirements, achieve cultural fluency and maintain high levels of multilingual fluency and literacy.
Anahuacalmecac Local Educational Agency Plan and Single Plan for Student Achievement

Approved Charter Petition - Authorized by State Board of Education 2015
Plan for English Learners
SELPA Participation Agreement and Assurance
Health/Safety and Emergency Plans
Anahuacalmecac Schedules and Calendars
Anahuacalmecac Policies and Plans
Anahuacalmecac 2017 Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes