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Payments to Employees and Vendors

Responses to Provision of Services during COVID-19 - Payments to employees and vendors

This memorandum is a response to the request for information regarding COVID-19 related payments to employees and vendors by the LAUSD in its capacity as the charter school authorizer of our school. After a review of our records, we write to inform you that we have not incurred COVID-19 specific expenses as of yet. All educational and community services provided, including distance learning, technology and meal services have been provided for by the core budget, volunteers or donations. Additional information can be provided after our understanding of projected revenues, grants and loans become available. Additionally, our CPA’s, auditor, Business Manager, and Chief Financial Officer are reviewing federal guidelines for funding made available for COVID-related financial hardships. Once this review is complete, additional expenses may be projected and authorized to prepare for and deploy additional resources for the transition in the state and county’s guidance for distance learning and school closures.