Piñatas Artesanales

Colorful, symbolic and full of fun!

Handmade by students, parents and teachers at Anahuacalmecac, our piñatas were inspired by our annual Día de los Niños celebration every year. Master piñatero and long-time Anahuacalmecac parent and custodian, Tata Arciniega, guided our volunteers to learn how to design, build and enjoy these one-of-a-kind creations. Also guiding our piñata design and build process is master piñatera Nancy Barreto @ThePinataHouse who generously donated her time and expertise to teach parent and student volunteers how to re-imagine the canvas of a blank piñata with the colors of a rainbow or field of flowers.

Celebrations of life are integral to our community's culture and promotes resilience and well-being. The classic piñata is a centuries-old traditional activity celebrated by children across Latin America and across the United States as well.

Choose from different designs including the star (sitlallin), the dog (itskwintli) and the globe (toaltepechahchan).

Pinata being made 1
Pinata Made 1Pinata being Made 2