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Hoy celebramos el primer Dîa del Profesor Dr. Juan Gómez-Quiñones en la Ciudad de Los Angeles! TODAY we celebrate the first annual Day of Profesor Dr. Juan Gómez-Quiñones in the City of Los Angeles. Skip to main content
International Baccalaureate Program

Xinaxtli Shop

Xinaxtli Shop is a project of Semillas Sociedad Civil (501c3) designed to support the mission and autonomy of Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America. All proceeds go towards the support of our Sustainability Now Campaign in defense of our school's autonomy and our community's self-determination. Semillas Sociedad Civil is an indigenous community-based nonprofit organization that organizes youth, parents and educators to advance self-determination, sovereignty and human rights as Indigenous Peoples through autonomous education and advocacy. (Organizational Mission)   Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America is dedicated to student academic excellence, Native wisdom, and appreciation of the cultural and intellectual heritage of Indigenous Peoples and the promotion of positive social awareness. (School Mission)