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Inspired by the histories of Puvungna, Monte Alban, Chaco Canyon, Cahokia, Teotihuacan and Xochicalco, all ancestral spaces of plurinational and multilingual centers of convergence, trade, and wisdom, as well as the struggles from Alcatraz Island to Standing Rock, we envision a space where today only a void exists. A space dedicated to the centering of California Native Nations, Indigenous Peoples from across the Americas and the advancement of self-determination as
a fundamental expression of our humanity. We propose the establishment of the Los Angeles Center of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas (LACIPA). This initiative is advanced by Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America, an autonomous Indigenous community-based public charter school located northeast Los Angeles (Otsuungna) to include a K-12 autonomous school, an embassy of native nations, an indigenous language learning and research institute, space for creative and performing arts, conference and meeting
space, youth empowerment and community organizing, ceremonial space, permacultural gardening, and elders/artists in residence space.
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