Xinachohtli "el camino de las semillas luminosas"


Ce centetl ce xinaxtli, Ce centetl ce tocani

En cada uno una semilla, de cada uno un sembrador

Each one a seed, each one a seed planter
What does it mean to “indigenize” education? What does it mean to “decolonize” schooling? 
This page includes some examples of actual units of inquiry and summative assessments designed and implemented in Anahuacalmecac.
Anahuacalmecac’s engaging PERFORMANCE TASKS provide opportunities for students to use and grow their four basic RESURGENCE skills — CRITICAL THINKING, COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION and CREATIVITY. Many of the tasks are framed from an INDIGENOUS WORLDVIEW (COSMOVISION ORIGINARIA) and set in a GLOBAL CONTEXT to prepare students to thrive in an increasingly CHAOTIC WORLD.
 The SobResistencia Game: An exploration of poetry through the application of the

The experience, theories, practices and initiative Anahuacalmecac engages in are collectively named Tlamachilisxochiponalli – cultivating flowering knowledge. Tlamachilisxochiponalli is an autonomous educational initiative aimed at radically regenerating education in autonomous communities of Indigenous Peoples through more learner-centered, linguistically aware pedagogy focusing upon education which advances:


1) maternal language,

2) autochthonous culture,

3) autonomous education and

4) universal access for Indigenous children to national and international educational institutions.

Topowaltlamachilistle: Number knowledge, ecological sciences and cosmic wisdom in our culture is represented by the tool called the Nepohualtzintzin. To learn more our friends and allies at the University of Texas have uploaded a useful manual published by the Secretary of Education in Mexico.

Through a collaboration with our advisor Everardo Lara Gonzalez, Anahuacalmecac is promoting the study of number knowledge in Nahuatl among indigenous educators across three states in Mexico.

13 Entrecruzamientos (Interweavings):



7 Aprendizajes de la Educación Resurgente Indigena

Seven Learnings of Indigenous Resurgence Education

(1) Air, Land, Water: Al aire libre en tierra y agua

(2) Community: En comunidad

(3) Intergenerational / Intergeneracional

(4) Creating Spaces: Espacios redefinidos

(5) Leadership and Defense: Liderazgo y defensa

(6) Language Revitalization: Lengua materna indígena (revitalización de lenguas)

(7) Cultural Ritual, Protocols and Ways of Being: Prácticas culturales originarias

Two Roots (Ome Nelwayiotl)

(8) Migrations: Transversando las fronteras geopolíticas internacionales (Ihkniyotlamachilistli)

(9) Origins: Autonomía de aprendizaje, autodeterminación y soberanía (Petlamachilistli)

Four Questions (Nawi Sintli)

(10) ORIGEN - Movimiento social (Teskatlipokatlamachilistli)

(11) EXPERIENCIA Agencia social (Huitsilipochtlamachilistli )

(12) CRECIMIENTO Persistencia y la continuidad del esfuerzo (XipeTotektlamachilistli)

(13) CAMINO - Creatividad (Quetsalkoatlamachilistli)