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Anahuacalmecac se une a la celebración de la decada Internacional de las Lenguas Indígenas en 2019 promoviendo la revitalización de las lenguas indígenas y mejoramiento de la vida de quienes las hablan. Skip to main content
International Baccalaureate Program

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SemAnahuac Delegation Visits Sovereign Hopi Nation

We'd like to share with our community some photos of the amazing experiences that our students, teachers, and spiritual elder, Tata Cuaxtle, shared with our relatives from the sovereign Hopi Nation, as our SemAnahuac Delegation participates in this year's Hopi Agriculture, Farming, and Food Symposium.
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LAUSD - The apartheid district

With recent elections now behind us, a little bit of history is in order. LAUSD District 5 was created to force the LAUSD board of education to integrate, challenging decades of de facto apartheid.
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How a Los Angeles school is pioneering indigenous education – and reaching out to parents and children in one of the city’s most notorious neighbourhoods

The bright lights of Hollywood and the gold-gated mansions of Beverly Hills don't begin to tell the story of Los Angeles, USA. On the city's east side, gangs, drugs and guns are part of the daily fabric of life, but the determined group of teachers behind Semillas Community Schools are engaging the local indigenous Mexican community with a revelatory new educational approach, mixing respect for cultural traditions with a devotion to international-mindedness.
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