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Tlalilwitl (Earth Day)

Join us on April 22nd in honoring Tlalilwitl (Earth Day) and the new launch of urban reforestation program and the planting of 700 native trees.

Volunteers Needed

Tuesday, April 5, 2pm - 5pm, we need your help doing some light gardening work in the Milpitas garden to prep for composting. Please contact Mr. Ruiz, | 310-916-7636 if you are available.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.
We will be observing covid safety: Proof of vaccination and proof of COVID test not older than 48 hours.

Alotlahtowah Boletin Diario 8/20/2021

Reopening all campuses safely requires our presence of heart, mind and being. We acknowledge that our community depends upon our organized response to the duties we have accepted at Anahuacalmecac.

Weekly Community Assembly

Join us TODAY for our weekly community assembly. We will discuss upcoming Nikan Tochan programming end-of-the-year celebrations, certificate ceremonies, and teacher-parent meetings for MYP. The community assembly will take place TODAY April 28, from 5-6 pm.
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