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In accordance with state and county guidance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Anahuacalmecac will offer continuity of learning education through distance learning media for the rest of the 2020-21 academic year De acuerdo con la guía estatal y del condado en respuesta a la pandemia de COVID-19, Anahuacalmecac ofrecerá aprendizaje continuo a través de medios de educación a distancia durante el resto del año académico 2020-21. Skip to main content
International Baccalaureate Program

Anahuacalmecac student scholars inquire into the Inquisition

Students at Anahuacalmecac engage in the highest levels of scholarly inquiry through a variety of opportunities to deconstruct relevant subjects as a part of their personal decolonizing pathways. As a community of Indigenous scholars, students at Anahuacalmecac make use of their advanced study of Nahuatl, training in legal theory, knowledge of American Indian history and issues and general experience with Indigenous issues to search for meaning in the chaos of today's realities. These are organic intellectuals...#Xinaxtin.

Beginning in the 11th grade, students at Anahuacalmecac are immersed in Indigenous Studies through a program called IndigeNations Scholars Diploma Program. Our students are engaged with Indigenous studies through a variety of media, literary sources, cultural advisors and courses. One element of the IndigeNations Scholars Diploma Program has been made possible through our partnership with UCLA School of Law Tribal Learning Collaborative Education Exchange (TLCEE). The TLCEE program allows our students access to enroll in American Indian studies law courses at UCLA while they are in high school. Our students have excelled in large part because of the additional support we provide in the holistic environment of Indigenous studies and on Indigenous Peoples that is organic to our school.

Between quarters at UCLA, Anahuacalmecac students in the TLCEE program have been engaged in an inquiry into the Spanish Inquisition in Mexico. Their focus of inquiry is on two cases in particular, Don Carlos Ometochtli Chichimecateuctli and Martin Ocelotl. Both were tortured, the first was sentenced to be burnt alive at the stake by the Inquisition. These are fascinating cases and extremely well documented snapshots of the colonization of the Americas. By engaging with both original sources and scholarly articles on the cases, our students will inquire into the realities faced by the surviving autochthonous Indigenous authorities only a couple of decades after the invasion of the Weye Ikniyiotl Mexiko-Tenochtitlan/Texkoko/Tlakopan and all other pueblos of the Mexica Confederation.

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