Semillas leads co-convening of CAlifornia Schools Are Sanctuaries Coalition

Our work to advance the rights of our students and communities in our schools in the face of threatened mass deportations has led to the development of the CAlifornia Schools Are Sanctuaries (CASAS) Coalition. Our focus is to disseminate the ACLU Sanctuary School Toolkit for adoption and implementation in every school in the state. As we do this we seek to build a strong foundation for the on-going collaboration that these times will continue to demand.
Getting key partners such as the NCLR and the CCSA to prioritize the urgent community needs we identify as school leaders is extremely important as we seek to leverage, diversify and amplify our relationships and reach. 
Specifically, we are calling for our allies to support AB 699 Educational Equity: Immigration Status which prohibits discrimination and provides protections based on a student’s immigration status or religious beliefs. 
Partner organizations include Academia Avance, PUC Schools, NCLR, CCSA and ACLU Southern California. As a result of our collective work LAUSD is also posed to adopt policies addressing this crisis specifically with directives for administration and all personnel.