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Marijuana dispensaries in El Sereno

Dear City Attorney,
I have been informed that a marijuana business has been opened or is scheduled to open within 500 feet of our elementary school charter campuses located at 4970 and 4990 Huntington Drive in El Sereno 90032.
Please see that this stops. Please prosecute the property owner for violating city ordinance.
The property subject in question is located at 5014 Huntington Drive S., LA, CA 90032.
"In addition to meeting all the requirements for immunity, a medical marijuana business cannot locate within a 1000 feet radius of a school or within a 600 feet radius of a public park, public library, religious institution, child care facility, youth center, alcoholism, drug abuse recovery or treatment facility or other medical marijuana business.  Proposition D also imposes residential proximity restrictions. (LAMC § L.)"