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Semillas calls upon the City of Los Angeles to Abolish the Columbus Day Holiday.

On behalf of the ONLY indigenous community-based autonomous school in the county of Los Angeles, California, Anahuacalmecac World SchoolInternational University Preparatory, Semillas Pueblo calls upon the City of Los Angeles to end the degrading policy of celebrating Christopher Columbus Day as a paid legal holiday. Instead, the City of Los Angeles ought to honor the ancestors and survivors of the Indigenous Peoples of these continents and the world by establishing Indigenous Peoples Day as a paid legal holiday to be celebrated every 12th of October henceforth. THE MOMENTUM IN SUPPORT HAS BEEN DERAILED. WE NEED EVERYONE TO CALL IN EVERY COUNCIL DISTRICT.


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I am writing to express my strong support for abolishing Columbus Day in the City of Los Angeles and establishing Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday of October.

Indigenous people have been in what is now the City of Los Angeles since time immemorial, yet still are not adequately recognized as its first peoples. It is critical that Native Americans are recognized for their contribution to the development of the City but also to acknowledge how it happened and what the consequences have been to local indigenous people and their culture.

Columbus is a pivotal figure in the large-scale genocide and colonization of indigenous peoples in the Americas. That historical legacy of slavery, exploitation, rape and torture that should no longer be celebrated and codified by the city of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Indigenous community has been actively working on this issue for decades, and especially over the past year. The time is now for the City of Los Angeles, home to the largest urban indigenous communities in the United States, to stand on the right side of history.

To adopt Indigenous People’s Day is a step towards healing and reconciliation in Los Angeles that is so critically needed in today’s larger movement for racial equity and healing in this country. This is a civil rights issue that is long overdue to be corrected.

We are counting on you for your support.

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