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International Indigenous Student Leadership Summit @Anahuacalmecac

We thank you for your interest in participating or supporting the upcoming International Indigenous Student Leadership Summit & California Caucus at Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory.
This Summit has been convened to better prepare youth and educators for the upcoming United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples and the 2016 International Indigenous Law Conference.
The Summit/Caucus are intended to be working meetings through which we will examine the state of Indigenous Peoples' rights, methods of organization, and goals for next steps. A basic introduction for youth and educators to international protocols, laws and mechanisms will be included in order to consider these matters adequately. Our aim is to share and analyze our experiences so that we may together reconsider and re-postulate future organizing, action, and directions. 
The youth track of the upcoming International Indigenous Peoples Law conference to be held at UC Irvine in October 2016 will be co-hosted by our calmecac. As such we seek to initiate a statewide/regionwide space to consider legal questions and priorities - we refer to this space as a "California Caucus" or "el Caracol".