Anahuacalmecac Debs Park Reforestation Day

Attached is a letter with additional information for the event. Please read the letter and the attachments since they have essential information for your and your child's safety these days. As you are aware, the weeds at the park where the trees will be planted grew exponentially after the rain. We have added two days when you can volunteer and sign up to clear the area of the park where the students will be planting the trees. To volunteer, you can respond by submitting the google form linked below. We have also started placing individual calls asking families what days they will be able to volunteer this week. If you have not received a call by Tuesday at 3:00 pm, do not have access to the google form, and would like to volunteer or participate, please call me so I can help you.If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with Mr. Kuauhtzin at [email protected], Ms. Amaya at [email protected] or Ms. Barbosa at (323)217-2775.