Anahuacalmecac Celebrates Major Grant Awards for Land-based Learning

Anahuacalmecac is honored to announce the award of several major competitive grants to support our model of Indigenous Resurgence Education land-based learning and learning on the water. To kick off our projects, Anahuacalmecac will convene its partners at Ernest Debs Park for a special ceremony honoring all of our natural relations with the ancestral territories of Otsuugna as we launch a new series of programs we are calling Tlalmachtilistli Masewaltlalalana (Land Back Learning). This is a school event only intended for our students and school community. As a school event we are bound to the policies and protocols of the LAUSD Safe School Reopening Policies as well as the policies of the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.

Anahuacalmecac is honored to include protocols to request permission of all local Gabrielino tribal councils to respectfully and meaningfully touch the land and learn from and with our relatives that still occupy what is now called Ernest Debs Regional Park and the Native American Terraced Garden area, the beings we know as the Nikan Chanehkeh. These protocols will be led by Chief Nick Rocha of the Gabrielino Shoshone Tribal Council of Southern California.

Partners and funders of Anahucalmecac's initiatives under Tlalmachtilistli Masewaltlalalana (Land Back Learning) include: Metabolic Studios, Cal Fire, the U.S. Forest Service, the California Natural Resource Agency, California Coastal Commission, the Audubon Center at Debs Park, Native Ways 2 College (NW2C), North East Trees, Tree People and many others.