Alotlahtowah Boletin Diario 8/20/2021

The school year started at a special time this year. 
Reopening all campuses safely requires our presence of heart, mind and being. We acknowledge that our community depends upon our organized response to the duties we have accepted at Anahuacalmecac. 
In community, we stand tall, together and transparently. 
Let our students, parents and educators witness our students' presence and place among the RESURGENTS.
On this day, we, the resurgent semillas,
Witness the rise of the Eagle and Serpent. 
Our paths shine brightly before us,
seeds illuminated by the morning star,
we regain our roots,
we flower our future.
The constellation of mamalwastli (fire drill) rises from the kisayan tonahle (where the sun rises east) and Ketzalkowatl (Serpent Rising) bridges Ilwikampa (Heart of the Sky) with Siwatlampa (region of the women creators west) in the early morning sky. 
From Otsuun'nga we see our relatives across Gabrielino Shoshone Kizh Tongva territories in Tovanga'ar, from emergence at Puvuu'nga and Pimu, to the ancestral pathways in Hahamongna and Komiikranga in the Santa Monica Mountains to Shevaangna where the first resistance to mission colonization here was recorded, led by Toypurina, Tomassajaquichi of Juyuvit, Aliyvit of Jajamovit, and Nicolas Jose. 
Recalling the resistance led by the sovereign political leadership of the Mexica Confederacy, recording the beginning of the long slavery on August 13, 1521 in Tequipeuhcan in the barrio of Teocaltepiton (Barrio de Tepito) and the long resistance to colonization evidenced by our survival. 
Some highlights include:
- Anahuacalmecac has enrolled 264 students TK-12. 
- Approximately 60 students are enrolled in independent studies online. 
- Anahuacalmecac is proud to count on 16 twelfth grades students in candidacy to compete the IndigeNations Scholars Diploma Program this year. 
- Students have maintained 93% average daily attendance.
- 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 12th grades have all achieved perfect attendance at least once this week. Congratulations!
In partnership with the California Department of Health, Anahuacalmecac has successfully implemented a weekly schoolwide COVID-19 screening protocol. Through this protocol, two students have tested positive for COVID-19 this week. Following Los Angeles County and District guidance, Anahuacalmecac staff has notified the students affected and any student exposed to the laboratory test confirmed positive cases to isolate for ten days. These students will be able to access the curriculum and their classes online through independent studies.
We are proud to count on new staff who will be introduced to the community over the next week. 
We are thankful for our students and parents and supporters who help keep the school strong and grounded.
We look forward to a transformational year of re-emergence centering our xinachtli (children), our teixmatkawan (familias) and our altepechahchan (pueblos). 
Entre aguilas y jaguares
Zumba un colibri
Levanta los ojos 
Que yo creo en ti.
-Tlayekana Marcos Aguilar