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Indian Education: Beyond boarding schools, bad governance?

Remember when public agencies didn’t have to follow public meeting laws?

When closed-door-back-room-deals ran local government in California?

Well that’s how the LAUSD Indian Education Program is run apparently. Why was there no #BrownAct compliant public notice and transparency for the ANNUAL MEETING to determine the ANNUAL BUDGET for the ANNUAL PROGRAM??? Trying to hide this with a “special meeting”?

No way - there’s public law to follow. What are you hiding? Who are you hiding?

Consider for a moment that the #LAUSD did not spend a dime on American Indian students from July to December 2018 and had no staff! Then is a bogus dog-and-pony show meeting in downtown LA, District 5 staff presented a fake “action plan” on serving American Indian students to justify spending $90k at the last minute. I have attended these bogus “Annual Meetings” for Title VII (previously VI) - rubber stamp budgets that no one is held accountable to. Beyond boarding schools, LAUSD’s Indian Education Program is harmful to students precisely because of these financial shenanigans.

LAUSD is an $8 BILLION enterprise.

Yet every year there is less programming, less services and less accountability for the most vulnerable student population. LAUSD students have ZERO access to Native language and culture education as a part of the core curriculum and yet, over 60% of Economically Disadvantaged American Indian students did not meet state standards in English in 2018 and almost 80% did not in math. (source: dataquest) LAUSD has an obligation to serve ALL Indigenous students, but especially those it receives ADDITIONAL funding to serve through Title VII!!

This has been going on for decades: